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Administrative Specialist Lisa Johnny

Definition: Handles all secretarial work for the office. The Secretary reports to the Public Auditor through the Administrative Officer.

Typical Work:

  • Performs clerical and secretarial assignments; This includes maintaining of all office files, including reading files, audit report files, correspondence logs and other miscellaneous logs.

  • Maintains a follow-up ticker file. This involves reviewing all incoming and outgoing correspondence to determine if there is any follow-up action required by the office. If so, the item is flagged for follow-up and the person responsible for follow-up action is reminded on or before the due date.

  • Processes necessary paper work and arranges logistical support for travel by all staff of the office. This includes preparation of TA's, making appropriate reservations, and assuring that audit staff are able to meet with audit schedules without undue hindrance.

  • Types all output of office including correspondence and draft audit reports. Materials to be typed include technical terms and many numerical charts and listings. Must be extremely accurate as well as above average speed.

  • Prepares forms, such as personnel action forms, miscellaneous forms, and any other standardized official forms being used by the National Government.

  • Prepares time and attendance reports for all office staff and logs audit staff's time to appropriate Time Distribution Project Ledgers.

  • Checks all the mailboxes for the office and picks and drops off mail twice daily.

  • Answers the telephone and makes sure that messages are relayed accordingly.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Ability:

Knowledge of: Secretarial duties such as above average typing speed, and the setting up of a good filing system, and be able to communicate in English clearly, both verbally and in writing.

Ability to: Operate Office Equipments such as electronic typewriters, computers, copier machines, and vehicular equipments.

Adjusts quickly to changing work environments.

Courteous, professional demeanor, works well under stressful situations. Possess very good oral and written communication skills.

Minimum Qualifications:

High School graduate plus at least three years experience of clerical or one year of secretarial experience in a government office.