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AUDIT MANAGER Miriama Naivalu

Miriama Naivalu (Bio),

Definition: The incumbent is responsible for assisting the National Public Auditor in the overall administration, supervision and management of the Audit Division within the Office of the Public Auditor at the main office in Palikir and at the field office in Chuuk. He also assists the National Public Auditor in developing and delivering capacity building plans and programs, including training and workshops within and outside of country as well as on-the-job training for the audit staff. He carries out specific tasks and performs on behalf of the National Public Auditor when and where appropriate as may be determined by the NPA.

Typical Tasks:

  • Assists the Public Auditor in managing and supervising the Audit Division which includes the audit staff at the Main Office in Palikir, Pohnpei and at the Field Office on Weno, Chuuk;

    •  Plans, monitors and supervises the work of all Audit Supervisors and all audit staff;

    •  Assists the Public Auditor in the development and implementation of office policies and procedures;

    •  Assists the Public Auditor in developing and implementing the Office's audit plans, programs and activities;

    •  Reviews audit plans and related audit programs, working papers and draft audit reports, and ensures audits are conducted in accordance with applicable standards (audits or inspections) and certifies their propriety before the Public Auditor signs off and issues audit reports;

    •  Develops goals, objectives and capacity development plans for all the audit staff;

    •  Develops training plans to ensure all audit staff meet their CPE requirements;

    •  Reviews and revises the Audit Manual as appropriate and as may be instructed by the Public Auditor;

    •  Represents the Public Auditor in meetings as may be delegated by the Public Auditor as necessary;

    •  Prepares performance evaluations of subordinates and the audit staff; and,

    •  Perform other duties as assigned.