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Definition: Handles all administrative and some secretarial work for the Public Auditor. The Admin Officer reports directly to the Public Auditor who reviews and approves all administrative matters/requests relative to the operation of the office.

Typical Work:

  • Assists the Public Auditor in overseeing all administrative activities within the office including recruitment, repatriation, personnel administration, inventory, maintenance and purchasing of office supplies, and equipment when needed.

  • Prepares annual budgets for the office and to represent the office in all proceedings justifying the budget and in all stages of the budget process.

  • Reviews accounting reports from finance and verifies the validity of all charges to the Public Auditor's office. Resolves differences with DOFA and refers major problems to the Public Auditor.

  • Analyzes accounting reports and prepares monthly budget forecast report to project the current and anticipated rates of spending to year-end against the office budget.

  • Supervises the secretary in maintaining all office files, including reading files, subject matter files, audit report files, correspondence logs and other miscellaneous logs.

  • Supervises the preparation of requisitions for all procurement needs of the office. This involves establishment of the most economic order quantity, taking into account volume discounts, the rate of usage, and the storability of the item in question.

  • Takes and transcribes, in final form, minutes of staff meetings.

  • Maintains information flow on the office's computer by performing periodic archiving of information stored on the computer.

  • Types final audit reports. Materials to be typed include technical terms and many numerical charts and listings. Must be extremely accurate as well as above average speed.

  • Prepares forms and reports as necessary to accomplish personnel actions required by the office.
  • Drafts answers to routine correspondence and collect information as necessary.

  • Certifies the time and attendance reports for all office staff.

  • Takes care of all housing contracts for the audit staff; keep track of all the contract payments to ensure they are currently paid for and to update the terms whenever necessary.

Knowledge and Ability:

Knowledge of: government administrative matters, finances, and budgetary process.

Ability to: Interpret and apply governmental administrative policies, rules, and procedures; interact with employees in the office; communicate clearly, both verbally in writing.

Adjusts quickly to changing work environments.

Courteous, professional demeanor, works well under stressful situations. Possess very good oral and written communication skills.

Minimum Qualifications:

At least two years of study in an accredited college or university with a major in business administration, Secretarial Science or any related field with strong computer skills and command of the English language(both verbal and written) a minimum five (5) years of direct work experience in adminstration office management functions or equivalent.