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Royaleen Antonio


Conduct preliminary inquiries into complaints received by the Public Auditor; conduct investigations into cases; conduct interviews with complainants, witnesses and other persons of interest; execute subpoenas and seach warrants; examine and analyze financial, banking and other documentary records; write accurate and comprehensive preliminary inquiry and investigation reports; assist other team members with their preliminary inquiries and investigations; work with prosecution lawyers and paralegas in case preparation; appear in court to give evidence as a witness; work with other law enforcement agencis as required; performs other duties as assisgned.

Typical Work:

  • Performs investigative review or fraud examination of National Government Operations, in conjunction with Initial Complaint lodged with the FSM Public Auditors Office.

  • Prepare investigative audit plans, and submits to Audit Manager for concurrence.

  • Gathers, examines, and analyses of documents or other evidences in connection with ongoing investigations.

  • Conducts field interviews and prepares records of interviews; prepare referral or closing reports; appear in court as government witness.

  • In conjunction with signed MOU between the FSM Department of Justice and ONPA, and implementing the National Public Auditor's law enforcement function as deputized National Police officers, CID staff applies for and execute Search & Seizure Warrants and/or Subpoenas, necessary for the due execution of the duties of the National Public Auditor, Title 55 FSM Code Chapter 5.

  • Prepares and disseminates investigation reports for management review and/or to other concerned parties.

  • Provides training and education to promote ethical and lawful conduct within government.

  • Ensure management of the CID Division on a day-to-day basis.

  • Assist other audit teams when necessary, and as assigned by the National Public Auditor.

Knowledge and Ability:

Knowledge of: Governmental operations and procedures; investigation and interview techniques, court decisions, Attorney General's opinions, legislations and regulations of the FSM National Government.

Ability to: Effective communication skills in English, in both verbal and in written medium; make complete and accurate records of interviews; Able to interpret and understand legal opinions, court decisions, and approved legislation; Able to exercise good judgment, with impartiality, when discharging the duties of the FSM Public Auditor.

Able to adjusts quickly to changing work environments.

Must posses a courteous, professional demeanor, and works well under stressful situations.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelors degree in Public or Business Administration, Political Science or Criminal Justice or related field plus 2 years of work experience in investigations or auditing governmental operations.