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Press Release


The Office of the FSM National Public Auditor is very pleased to announce that the Australian Government has awarded two scholarships to the local staff of the Compliance Investigation Division (CID) within the Office of the FSM National Public Auditor (ONPA). Investigator Fletcher Poll, CFE, and Investigator Sophia Pretrick, CFE, are to undertake graduate studies by distance education in the field of fraud investigation with Charles Sturt University in Australia. With the exception of one residential program to be conducted at the University’s Bathurst Campus in Australia, the entire course of study is conducted by distance education which will enable both investigators to remain active at their work within FSM whilst pursuing their studies.

Investigators Pretrick and Poll have been accepted to pursue the Master of Arts Degree in Fraud Investigation at Charles Sturt University. The Master of Arts requires the students to complete the three specific stages. In the first year, they will complete the Graduate Certificate of Fraud Investigation and the following year they will complete the Graduate Diploma of Fraud investigation. In their final year, they will complete the Master of Arts Degree in Fraud Investigation. Funding for the 2nd and 3rd year modules will be dependent upon the successful completion of prior modules.

The scholarships awarded to Investigators Poll and Pretrick is the successful end product of a grant application made under the AusAID Pacific Regional Policy and Management Reform Fund and negotiations between ONPA/CID with staff of the Australian Embassy and Charles Sturt University, which culminated in a brief signing ceremony by Mr. Haser Hainrick, FSM Public Auditor, on April 28, 2006 as he accepted and signed the scholarship contract from the Australian Embassy, with all CID staff present.

L-R: Fletcher Poll, Investigator; Haser Hainrick, National Public Auditor;
Sophia Pretrick, Investigator; and Nigel Savidge, Chief Investigator

Chief Investigator Nigel Savidge, himself a former investigations lecturer at Charles Sturt University, believes that this is a particularly relevant and useful degree for CID staff given the challenging nature of their work.

The National Public Auditor, Mr Haser Hainrick, Chief Investigator Savidge and Investigators Pretrick and Poll, extend their thanks to the Australian Ambassador, H. E. Corinne Tomkinson, and the AusAID Development Assistance Officer at the Australian Embassy, Ms Mary O Enciso, for their assistance and support in providing this invaluable training opportunity.


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