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Press Release

Mr. Moses Russel Completes his 6-Months Training Attachment at the US Government Accountability Office  

Moses Russel , Auditor III, has successfully completed his six months on-the-job training at the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) under the GAO International Auditor Fellowship Program for 2006. Moses' training at GAO started on May 1, 2006 and was completed on October 13, 2006 . He arrived back on Pohnpei on October 19, 2006 . This was the first opportunity for FSM to participate in the GAO International Auditor Fellowship Program, which is an annual event.

GAO engages in many different interactions and liaison activities, including audit forums, with other international and national accountability organizations, such as INTOSAI and counterpart national audit offices, and international development organizations, such as World Bank, to leverage resources; sharing knowledge and experiences; and promote standards of accounting, auditing, financial management, and internal control.

GAO has been providing/sponsoring International Auditor Fellowship Programs for the past 27 years. GAO sponsors this program to (1) enhance participants' skills in order to strengthen the institutional capacity of Supreme Audit Institutions ( SAIs ), (2) foster continuous learning and knowledge sharing, and (3) strengthen professional networks to promote institutional relationships among SAIs , and other partners in the accountability community. The program engages in a comprehensive, 16 week learning experience that includes classroom training and participation in job-related activities. The program focuses on GAO's methods and techniques for conducting performance audits.

In addition to participating in the above described training programs, Moses was also required to prepare a strategy paper (Audit Report Writing and Reviewing), a topic identified by the FSM National Public Auditor. At the end of the program, Moses had an opportunity to take part in an 8-week placement with the GAO Dallas Regional Office where he met with various teams working on individual audit p rojects. At the Dallas Regional Office, Moses received instruction and learned how GAO puts into practice various aspects of its work including how to determine its scope and methodology for its audits and how audit reports are prepared to ensure quality and accuracy.

Further, Moses met with some State and Local officials for New York , Philadelphia , and Ohio State during the Midwestern Intergovernmental Audit Forum. At the Forum, Moses gave a short speech on the FSM to over one hundred Federal, State, and Local auditors in attendance at the conference.

Twelve participants from twelve countries attended the 2006 International Auditor Fellowship Program which included (1) Brazil , (2) Republic of Georgia , (3) Ghana , (4) Maldives , (5) Indonesia , (6) Mongolia , (7) Kenya , (8) Zambia , (9) India , (10) Pakistan , (11) Spain , and (12) Federated States of Micronesia .

A graduation ceremony was held at the end of the 16-week which was attended by Mr. David Walker, Comptroller General of the United States who presented the certificates of completion to all participants.

After his return to FSM, Moses spent an afternoon to discuss with and highlight for the other staffs of the Office of the National Public Auditor the training contents and the new skills which he has acquired during the last 6-months at GAO. This is a requirement at the FSM ONPA where every staff member who attended a training course has to conduct an in-house training exercise in the office to share with his/her colleagues what he/she has learned.

Moses' training at GAO this year was made possible through the utilization of training funds provided by the US Office of Insular Affairs to support the FSM Public Auditor's training programs which are facilitated by OIA, the Department of Interior Inspector General, and other relevant agencies.

The FSM Office of the National Public Auditor expresses its appreciation to all those involved within the GAO community in making Moses' training attachment program a success.




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