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Press Release

Chief Investigator Ends Tour at ONPA to Accept New Job at the Asian Development Bank

Mr. Nigel Savidge has ended his tour serving as the Chief Investigator and White-Collar Crime Advisor at the Compliance Investigation Division within the FSM Office of the National Public Auditor.  He departed Pohnpei, FSM on January 4, 2007 along with his lovely wife June and step-son Jake heading back to his home country in Australia for a brief visit before moving to Manila, Philippines for his next call of duty.

Nigel has contributed so much to ONPA's fight against financial crimes and public corruption in the islands during his almost two-year tenure serving in FSM.  In addition to his exceptional skills in managing and directing investigation cases, Nigel also devoted a good amount of his time and energies in resource and capacity building initiatives within the Compliance Investigation Division.  As a result, investigation methodologies, procedures and steps, and guidelines and policies were developed and incorporated into a Manual of Operations which is now our guide in conducting investigations.

As a former lecturer at universities in Australia, Nigel mentored the two resident investigators through on-the-job training as well as secured outside funding from AusAid to underwrite the costs of having Sophia Pretrick and Fletcher Poll undertake some residential and distance courses in the master's degree program in fraud investigations from Charles Sturt University.

As a project under the Australian Volunteers International (AVI), which was managed by the PacificTechnical Assistance Facility (PACTAF) and funded by AusAID, Nigel was attached at the FSM Office of the National Public Auditor under a two year contract which has ended with many positive achievements.  With the excellent support and assistance from former and current staffs of the Australian Embassy in Kolonia, Pohnpei, the proposal for this project received the endorsement of the FSM Government about two years ago to bring Nigel to Pohnpei as a PACTAF appointee.  The ONPA is indebted to the above mentioned entities for making it possible to receive the expert services of Nigel during the past years.

“The last two years that I spent working in the FSM with you and your team was one of the best times of my life.  June, Jake and I will always remember it with much fondness and hope to return someday, “ wrote Nigel in an email of 10 January 2007 to National Public Auditor Mr. Haser Hainrick .

We extend our best and our appreciation to Nigel for his hard work.  Kaselehlie and thank you.  Iwe…..




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