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Press Release

An Extension is Under Construction to Expand the Office Building

An 800 square feet annex is under construction at the southeastern end of the Office building.  Actual construction began on September 11, 2007 by 4TY Construction Company, a local firm that was awarded the project from among three bidders.  The bidding process, selection of contractor, inspection and monitoring of the project are being handled by the Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure (TC&I). 

The new annex has been designed to have the same look as the existing office structure.  Upon completion, the annex should alleviate the space congestion problem, which is a result of employing 21 staff in a small office building. 

The plan is to relocate the Compliance Investigation Division (CID) to the annex after its completion at the end of the year.  Currently, three investigators and their desks and filing cabinets are being cramped in a 13 foot by 16-foot cubicle.  Moving the CID to the other end of the building will also free up much needed space for an expansion of the Board Room for meetings, conferences and workshops.  The contract calls for a 90-day construction period through December 11, 2007.  Management extends its appreciation to the Department of TC&I for the critical role it plays in the implementation of the Annex construction project.


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