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Press Release

Audit Manager Completes 2-Year Contract and Returns Home

On October 20, 2007, Ms. Ann Walker returned home to San Francisco after completing her two-year contract with the Office of the National Public Auditor (ONPA).

Ann first joined the ONPA in October 2005 initially as an Audit Supervisor. One year later and based on her wealth of contributions to ONPA, Ann was promoted as the Audit Manager.  In this job, she was primarily responsible to manage and direct all audit activities for the Office.

With her in-depth audit and managerial skills, ONPA produced the most number of audits ever and this occurred during Ann's watch as Audit Manager.

In improving the audit process used by the office, Ann integrated and implemented the story conference approach as integral component of the audit. The story conference is for everybody to be aware of the decision and issues surrounding the audited subject. It is also a mean to train the staff and to assure the quality of the audit. On-the-job training was also one area where Ann performed superbly.  She gladly shared her auditing and management skills with all audit staff.  She made things easy to understand, and created such a pleasant environment, allowing her and the resident staff to effectively and cooperatively work together.

In 2005, Ann retired from the US Government Accountability Office with over 30 years of work experience prior to her relocation to FSM. She possessed a bachelor's and a master's degree in business administration and she was a CPA.

Ann contributed enormously to ONPA, and the staff truly enjoyed and appreciated working under her most able leadership. As a mentor and a friend, all staff of ONPA expressed heartfelt appreciation to Ann and wished her well in her retirement


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