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Press Release

Gillian Doone Resigns from ONPA to Assume the Directorship for DAS, Chuuk State

Gillian Doone returned to ONPA in March 2007 after the National Public Auditor Hainrick recruited him from Honolulu to fill an Auditor III position at the newly established Field Office on Weno, Chuuk State . Having served for a short eight months, Gillian resigned from his post at ONPA upon accepting an offer from Chuuk State to become the new Director of the Department of Administrative Services.

During his short time at the Chuuk Field Office, Gillian was delegated the responsibility as the officer-in-charge to oversee the day-to-day operations and to supervise and manage three other staff at the new office. Gillian's strong desire to help Chuuk recover from its financial challenges was one of the factors in his decision to return and work at the new ONPA Field Office in Chuuk. He was zealous and courageous in finding and reporting the inefficiencies and in recommending action steps to improve Government systems and operations. An able leader and manager, Gillian was instrumental in the overall operation of ONPA through the achievement of many of the operational targets set for the Chuuk Field Office in fiscal year 2007.

On October 2, 2007, Gillian resigned from ONPA to take on a challenging position at the Chuuk State Government as the new Director of the Department of Administrative Services. Gillian's primary motive in accepting the directorship at DAS was the opportunity to provide tangible assistance to the greater financial needs of Chuuk State . ONPA staff applauded Gillian's career decision realizing that his contribution at DAS will be for the benefit of the greater populace of the long-suffering citizens of Chuuk State .

Gillian has rich financial skills under his belt having served in various capacities in Honolulu and in Pohnpei spanning a twenty-year period. Gillian worked for seven years as an auditor at ONPA before leaving the FSM for Honolulu back in 1994.  While residing in Honolulu , Gillian held positions as a financial analyst, an accountant, and an auditor. Gillian holds an associate degree from the then Community College of Micronesia in Pohnpei and a bachelor's degree in accounting from Chaminade University of Honolulu. Well done Gillian!


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