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Press Release

Mike Henry Participated in the Peer Review of CNMI OPA

Mr. Michael Henry, Auditor III from the FSM Public Auditor's Office was part of the team that conducted the Association of Pacific Islands Public Auditors' (APIPA) external quality control peer review of the CNMI Office of the Public Auditor from March 31 to April 4, 2008. As member of APIPA, CNMI has to undergo an external quality control “peer review” once every three years to establish reasonable assurance that it has adequately met the government auditing standards that are promulgated by the Comptroller General of the US Government Accountability Office.

The peer review team comprised of Mr. Michael Henry, Auditor III from the FSM Public Auditor's Office as a team member, Republic of Palau 's Public Auditor Mr. Saturnino Tewid as the team leader, and Technical Consultant Mr. Charles W. Hester.

According to the Mariana Variety , the three-member team had to review reports, audits and engagements and analyze procedures, methodology and evidences used in OPA's conclusions and recommendations during the week-long peer review.

The FSM Public Auditor Mr. Haser Hainrick made an important decision to have his senior local staff involved in the peer reviews. The participation in the peer reviews affords the team members with an excellent opportunity not only to work with auditors from APIPA member nations but also to enhance their auditing skills which is derived from reviewing and studying the processes, techniques and methodologies used by the OPA being reviewed in conducting its audits. Mr. Mike Henry expressed satisfying experience and affirmed that his involvement in the recent peer review of CNMI OPA was extremely beneficial.

From this point onward, Mr. Haser Hainrick decided that other local staff from the FSMOPA will participate on a rotational basis in the peer reviews for capacity building reasons, which is sure to benefit the staff and the FSMOPA collectively.


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