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Press Release

FSM Public Auditor Attends 11 th SPASAI Auditors General Congress in Raratonga, Cook Islands

FSM Public Auditor Mr. Haser Hainrick was invited to attend the 11 th SPASAI Auditors General Congress held in Raratonga, Cook Islands from April 14 to 18 this year. The event brought together representatives from 21 member audit institutions from all over the Pacific Region. Funding partners included the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Australia and New Zealand . Other stakeholders including Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre (PFTAC), Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), government of the Republic of China, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, INTOSAI Development Initiative, Stantons International and Pacific Regional Audit Initiative (PRAI) were also represented. Generally, there were approximately 35 overseas delegates attending the weeklong session.

The theme for the SPASAI Congress was “Improving Accountability and Transparency” in public sector auditing. While the host country Director of Audit noted the relevance of the theme in a dynamic environment, he also acknowledged that SPASAI members need to strive as they measure and report their respective government performance through effective and efficient use of taxpayers' funds. During the session, the theme was further articulated by a series of presentations including “Role of a Public Accountants Committee”, “Ensuring Audit Recommendations from Audit Reports are Implemented” and “Strengthening Pacific Accountability: Regional Responses to National Challenges”.

A key to facilitate SPASAI members' better outputs and results rests on its strategic reforms. In that, the session has also focused on finalizing its PRAI report to be presented at the Pacific Leaders Forum in Niue this August. Ultimately, the PRAI report aims at providing supports to member countries in capacity building such as by upgrading their networking and technology resources.

In addition, the session by strengthening its regional function, has identified a number of changes. To mention a few, SPASAI became PASAI (Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions), members established a PASAI governing body, and proposals for PASAI Secretariat location, positions and roles were discussed. Group discussions were also facilitated on related issues such as admission of new members, next host for 2009 PASAI Auditors General Congress, and PASAI Transitional Arrangements. Although most of the proposed changes were confirmed, they are open for further discussion in subsequent meetings as early as July this year.

FSM Public Auditor Mr. Hainrick's attendance was funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


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