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Press Release

Evelyn Paul Completes Four-week Orientation in Palikir

Recently hired as an Auditor III, Ms. Evelyn Paul completed her four-week orientation at the main office in Palikir and returned to her duty station at the field Office in Chuuk on May 28, 2008. The orientation offered an on-site introduction to specific work procedures, regulations and policies. As one of two auditors posted at the field office, Ms. Paul will be a major contributor and team player for ONPA.

Ms. Paul's orientation is part of the ONPA personnel development strategy. While the purpose was primarily to provide her the opportunities to learn about the specific job procedures, instructions, regulations and policies as well as manuals pertinent to her job as an auditor, it also provided a time to meet all the staff at the main office. In fact, the orientation exposed Ms. Paul to the working environment as staff members performed their respective duties, such as conducting audits and running team meeting.

In addition, each staff member was given the chance to welcome and interact with Ms. Paul personally. Ms. Paul has gained a first hand perspective of ONPA during her short visit. Obviously, upon her arrival to the field office, she will be able to ‘connect the dots' between her skills and the four-week experience as she begins her first audit assignment.


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