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Press Release

Haser and Moses on Palau Peer Review Team

FSM Pubic Auditor Mr. Haser Hainrick led the team which conducted the Palau peer review from July 28 to August 1, 2008. Team members included Pohnpei State Public Auditor Mr. Annes Leben as Member and Mr. Charles Hester as Technical Adviser. Senior Auditor Mr. Moses Russel from the FSMOPA took part as an observer.

Palau Office of the Public Auditor has to pass the peer review to meet the requirements as promulgated by the Comptroller General of the US Government Accountability Office (GAO). Every three years, members of the Association of the Pacific Islands Public Auditors (APIPA) of which Palau OPA is a member, must undergo an external quality control review to assure compliance with governmental auditing standards (GAS).

The team reviewed Palau OPA past audit engagements, reports, working paper documentations to ensure that an adequate internal quality control system was in place. The Palau OPA issued nine performance audits and an attestation engagement between June 2005 and December 2007 which were subject to the peer review. The team reviewed eight of the audit engagements including the attestation. Moreover, the team compiled a draft report on its findings and provided recommendations where necessary. As of this writing, the finalization of the report is currently in process with the final package being mailed to the team members for their final signatures.

According to Mr. Russel who participated during the assignment as an observer, the peer review was a beneficial experience. He commented that he learned a great deal and was now able to gauge where the FSMOPA stands in meeting GAS. As a Senior Auditor, the knowledge and skills he gained from his involvement will enhance his performance and further contribute to the FSMOPA. For example, FSMOPA requires that staff who were involved in the peer reviews should return and conduct an in-house presentation to the rest of the staff to share and pass on the skills acquired after completing the assignment. Mr. Hainrick is involving his staff in the APIPA Peer Reviews either as team members or observers as a way to further enhance the knowledge base especially for his resident staff.


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