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Press Release

Sophia Promoted to Become Chief Investigator

On June 17, 2008, Ms. Sophia H. Pretrick, former Senior Investigative Auditor became the first FSM- citizen CID Chief Investigator. Not only first FSM-citizen to be the Chief Investigator, she was also the first FSM citizen to ever successfully pass, at first sitting, the Uniform Examination for Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Mrs. Pretrick served as Acting Chief Investigator after her former supervisor Chief Investigator Mr.Nigel Savidge left the Office in January 2007. In her capacity, she supervised three (3) other investigative auditors and simultaneously handled her own case load of investigations. To date, her performance has been highly recognized among her colleagues and the entire staff of ONPA. Additionally, she was nominated and awarded the Superior Public Service Employee award of the year in 2005 for her exemplary performance.

Her former supervisor Mr. Savidge stated that “she is one of the most competent investigators he had the good fortune to work with” and “she is an asset to both ONPA and the National government”.

Basically, such in-house promotion demonstrated an achievement in ONPA's strategic move particularly for its capacity building effort. Providing development opportunities and localizing key positions are crucial parts of ONPA Strategic Plan.

ONPA staff congratulate Ms. Pretrick for the recent promotion and wish good luck for her future.


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