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Press Release

ONPA Physical Training Program

A six-week exercise training program was initiated by the Compliance Investigation Division (CID) approved and authorized by the Public Auditor for the entire ONPA staff to join a session two days a week starting September 30, 2008 ending November 06, 2008. The exercise program kicked-off with enthusiasm and a bit of trepidation from the staff. The main objective of the program is to improve motivation and wellbeing of staff, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety from work. The routine includes a warm-up session followed by walking and jogging for every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 4:15pm for 30 minutes.

ONPA management created incentive awards to keep participants active and interested in going through the entire six weeks program. Awards will be given to “the biggest losers” two participants who lose the most weight. The program will continue after the six weeks with different methods and incentive awards based on evaluation of the first phase.

ONPA management wishes to extend their appreciation to staff for their active participation and effort to maintain and sustain this program.



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