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Press Release

Jimbo participates in the Executive Leadership Development Programs (ELDP)

Mr. Ivan Jimbo' Alafanso, Auditor I, has been accepted into the Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) representing the Office of the National Public Auditor and the FSM National Government. Jimbo will join participants from American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, CNMI, Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands and Republic of Palau for ELDP first formal training session to be held on Guam starting on the 20 th of October this year.

Participants will meet for the first formal training session to complete several self-evaluation assignments and develop action plans for their projects. Participants will also engage in discussions to identify unique government issues and key topics for projects to be undertaken for the duration of the program. After the kickoff session, each participant will have a complete schedule for action plan implementation and reporting on project assignments before the next session begins. Each ELDP participant is required to attend all subsequent one-week formal training sessions currently scheduled to take place separately in CNMI, Pohnpei and Honolulu.

The program is designed to assist the insular areas with developing and retraining qualified skilled staff that will become future leaders of their respective governments. In addition, the program focuses on the need to establish a pool of potential leaders to take over government key functions such as management, finance, procurement and auditing in the future. This challenge arises as many senior leaders and managers in the insular areas are expected to retire with in the next several years, leaving a potential gap in the government sector. The ELDP is fully funded by USDA Graduate School and the Pacific & Virgin Islands Training Initiatives.



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