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Press Release

Erwihne David completes her OJT with OIG in Denver

Ms. Erwihne David, Auditor II completed her 60-day on-the-job training with the Office of the Inspector General in Denver, Colorado on September 11, 2008. During the training, Erwihne was assigned to an audit on ‘Management and Preservation of Arts & Artifacts' and participated during the audit survey.

The U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) manages and preserves thousands of collections of America's valuable historic artworks and millions of historic artifacts which are located at its regional offices throughout the country. The audit objectives were to determine if D OI knows the artworks and artifacts it owns and whether they are well-preserved and protected. Tentatively, the audit team has scheduled to release its report in August of 2009.

Audit survey and field work required the entire team to travel out of Denver, Colorado to other regional office locations. The regional offices include the Bureau of Reclamation, Fish & Wildlife Services, Office of Service Mining, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, National Parks Services, Mineral Management Services, Office of the Special Trustee, Indian Arts and Crafts Board and U.S. Geology Survey.

Erwihne conducted her survey at three of the regional offices managed within the DOI: the Bureau of Reclamation, Fish & Wildlife Services and Office of Service Mining.

According to Erwihne, the training was a challenging experience. The interviews were often scheduled either before or after normal business working hours because everyone was busy. She had to prepare by reading a lot of documents to understand the different functions of the regional offices and their structures. The team had to travel to other states to complete the survey.

Erwihne further acknowledged that she has enormously benefited from the training in terms of her audit skills. On her first day back at the Office, Erwihne said that it was a perfect learning opportunity. The facilities that she visited were incredibly huge and showcased various aspects of the American heritage which are passed on from one generation to another.

The training was organized and coordinated by the FSM Public Auditor Mr. Haser Hainrick, DOI/OIG and Office of Insular Affairs. ONPA's continuing efforts to provide such training to resident staff have been made successful through the technical assistance funding from DOI/OIA and supports from DOI/IG office.


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