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AUDITOR I Ethel J. Alik & Shelolyn Neth

Shelolyn Neth

Definition: Under close supervision, performs entry-level professional audits of portions of units of government agencies.

Typical work:

  • Tabulates and examines specific sections of accounts such as accounts receivables, disbursements, petty cash, trial balances, bank reconciliations, and voucher audits;

  • Checks for appropriate dates, authorizations, and signature on invoice vouchers; compares purchase order items and prices against receipts and inventories;

  • Examines check register, verifying vendor names, amounts and cross-checks with correspondence, receipts and invoices;

  • Drafts portion of audit reports for review by auditor-in-charge;

  • Notifies lead auditor of any apparent inaccuracies; shortages, or discrepancies;

  • Performs other work as required;

Knowledge and Ability:

Knowledge of: general and governmental accounting and auditing principles and procedures; office methods, procedures, and equipment.

Ability to: learn to make complete and accurate audits; perform computations quickly and accurately; prepare well-organized audit work papers and draft audit reports; adjust or adapt quickly to changing work environments.

Minimum Qualifications:

A Bachelor's degree in accounting or two years of specialized training in accounting plus 3 years of accounting work experience, or high school graduate plus 6 years of accounting work experience.